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Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) / Project Based Vouchers (PBV)
Housing Choice Vouchers / Project Based Vouchers (formerly known as Public Housing): Open
Tenant Based Voucher List: Closed
PBV Auburn (0 Bedroom List): Closed
PBV Auburn (1 Bedroom List): Closed
PBV Auburn (2 Bedroom List): Closed
PBV Auburn (3 Bedroom List): Open
PBV Auburn (4 Bedroom List): Open
PBV Auburn (5 Bedroom List): Open
PBV Auburn (6 Bedroom List): Open
Mainstream Voucher: Closed

Welcome to Auburn Housing Authority’s online application page! Before you begin the application, you will need the names, dates of birth, and Social Security Numbers for all household members. You should also have available the amount of income, assets, and expenses for each household member.

Once the initial online application is completed, you will receive an email from AHA that verifies the receipt of your application and will contain information about the completion of your application. Once your application is completed, your name will be placed on the applicable waiting list and you will be notified by AHA via email once your name reaches the top of the waiting list.

AHA has adopted a preference system that provides qualifying applicants a priority over applicants not qualifying for preferences. Preferences claimed by applicants will be verified prior to selection to ensure placement on the waiting list is valid.

When completing an application for Project-Based Voucher assistance, you will need to apply for the appropriate bedroom size your family would qualify for. To help you make a selection, below is a table that indicates the qualifying number of bedrooms a family may qualify for based on the number of household members.

Number of Bedrooms
Number of Family Members
0 BR
1 BR
2 BR
3 BR
4 BR
5 BR
6 BR

AHA may assign one bedroom for each two persons within the household, except in the following circumstances:

  • Persons of different generations will be allocated separate bedrooms
  • It is not required for adults of different generations or opposite sex, other than husband and wife or persons (same sex partners) who represent themselves as a couple, to occupy the same bedroom
  • Two children of the same sex with more than six years difference in ages will not be required to share a bedroom
  • Live-in aides will be allocated a separate bedroom
  • Single person families may be allocated either a zero- or one-bedroom unit unless a life-in-aide resides with the family

To start your application for housing, click the Start Application button.